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Welcome to Florida drug treatment! Since 2004, Florida Drug Treatment has served as the definitive resource for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the state of Florida. Florida Drug Treatment contains over 1000 drug treatment centers and alcohol rehab facilities categorized by the type of care that the treatment facility specializes in. Regardless of whether you're looking for a sober living facility as aftercare for drug treatment program or if you're looking for a full service residential treatment program in Florida, you come to the right place.

In September 2012, Florida drug Treatment was revamped to be more user-friendly and to ensure that our website includes the most accurate information about the treatment centers listed. We hope that you find this upgrade to our Website useful.

Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers is the definitive source for residential treatment centers, alcohol detox units, day treatment and halfway houses throughout the state of Florida. While not everyone who abuses drugs needs residential, or inpatient treatment to treat their addiction, people recovering from addiciton do require some form of support. Recovering addicts may choose day treatment programs, outpatient drug treatment, counseling or involvement in 12 Step groups like Narcotics Anonymous to help prevent relapse. Drug detox is often necessary, especially when opiates such as heroin or prescription pills like OxyContin are involved. Medical detox insures a safe, often pain-free withdrawal from opiates. In some cases drug rehab or traditional addiction treatment approaches are not enough to keep the addicted person stable, and maintenance medication is prescribed. The Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Directory includes many different methods to addiction treatment in the belief that no one method is best for all struggling addicts. From residential drug treatment centers to Holistic Addiction Treatment, those that want help have choices.

Men and women from all around the United States who are suffering with addiction travel to California drug rehab centers because of the outstanding holistic treatment programs that are popular in the state.   Holistic drug treatment programs at these facilities include yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other traditional Eastern practices that uplift the mind, body and spirit.