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Substance Abuse Prevention

One of the leading points of concern you can pin point in today’s society is the growing number of substance abuse cases. Children from their very teenage years fall prey to addiction and end up losing the career, health and in majority of cases; even their lives. So much so as it is shocking, there are a few measures taken to tackle the problem. There are numerous substance abuse treatments in the society but seldom do people practice substance abuse prevention. They do not realize that if the take steps to prevent substance abuse such situations won’t arise where addicts have to be admitted in the centers in the first place! Drug treatment centers are doing their job well; they are treating the cases to their best ability and achieving almost 95% success rate. It is about time that the societies too do their bit by practicing ways to stop substance abuse.

How to bring about Substance Abuse Prevention

First and foremost, there is a famous saying, ‘Charity begins at home’. Children do not just slip out of hand of parents and start doing drugs there is a trigger at home itself which makes them try their first shot at drugs. The trigger can be anything; family members using drugs, child neglect etc. Addicts do not have set in their minds from childhood that when they grow they will become drug addicts and ruin their lives, there is some or the other cause which parents often misses out. In majority of the cases depression and negligence has come up to be one of the main causes of entering the fatal world of substance abuse.

Every child wants to be loved and accepted for who they are no matter if they are not at par with other peer members. Every child have a different personality too and when parents fail to recognize them for who they are or they feel that they are not at par with their peers and letting down their parents, this kills them inside and they find their solace in drugs. Drugs give them a ‘high’ during which they no more feel not loved and a virtual confidence that they can cope with their distress. But what happens instead is that they fall deeper and deeper into the drug addiction.

Drug abuse prevention has to start right from home. It is important for parents to realize that their indifference can cause their child to go the much traveled way of drug addiction.

Who Can Help in Drug Abuse Prevention?

Parents definitely have the major role to play in identifying the fact that they even unintentionally do not hurt their children so much that they fund it better to take solace in drugs. If children are brought up in a happy and loving environment they themselves take precaution not to take drugs and make their family suffer.

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