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Sober Living

When an individual completes drug or alcohol rehab, they have accomplished a lot. But their journey is not over. For many, rejoining the world outside of the rehab process can be scary and filled with potential pitfalls. To help ease the stress of transition, there is sober living.

What is sober living?

Sober living homes are residences where those recovering from substance abuse issues can live together in a “clean”, supportive environment. Those living in sober living homes experience a communal type environment, where everyone shares responsibilities around the house, bills are shared and mutual respect and adherence to the rules are observed at all times.

The cost of sober living homes

The rent at a sober living home varies according to the resident, but generally individuals can expect to pay to pay around $500 – $750.This price may vary according to a number of factors including the geographic location of the home and the amenities included in the price (utilities, toiletries, etc.).

Why is sober living important?

The importance of sober living homes can be seen primarily in the structure it provides the recovering addict.Those who return to the world after completing a rehab program are going to have to face a series of challenges.There are matters of work, finding a place to live, regular attendance to after-care programs, and other pressing matters to think about. The sober living home is place to start small, and

What can you expect in a sober living home?

Typically, individuals stay at the sober living home anywhere from 90 days up to a year.  No matter how long the stay is, adhering to the rules is the most important part of life in a sober living residence. The rules may seem strict, but they are all created to insure a peaceful, healthy existence in the home.

Some of the most common rules and regulations at sober living homes include:

  • Zero tolerance policies on drug or alcohol use and possession
  • No violence or threats of violence
  • Strict adherence to curfews set by the home
  • No sex on the premises
  • Attending 12-step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Sharing a room with another individual

Common misconceptions about sober living

Many people are under the mistaken impression that sober living homes are similar to homeless shelters.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Sober living homes are created for people of all walks of life and socio-economic background who need to get back on their feet as they transition into life after drug rehab or alcohol rehab.  It costs money to stay at a sober living home, and very few of them are run strictly as a public service (as homeless shelters are).

If you are looking for a Sober Living home, check out Florida Drug Treatments Sober Living directory listings. If you need immediate help finding a sober living home call (866) 531-4569.

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