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Drug Addiction Detox

What is Drug Addiction Detox?

Drug addiction detox is often the first step on the road to recovery. Many drugs, like Oxycontin, Percocet, and opiate-based prescription pain medication are so difficult and dangerous to kick that it is prudent to first remove the physical dependence during detox before beginning an actual drug treatment program. During drug addiction detox, the addicted individual’s acute dependence on drugs is addressed, so that during rehab the recovering addicts full focus can be put on counseling and learning to change addictive behavior patterns. The process undergoes the patient’s drug withdrawal phase, physical symptoms, mental distress etc. which is dealt through prescribed medicines under constant supervision of qualified medical staff at drug detox centers. But in real life, the process of drug detox is quite an experience for the ones going through it. It is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, physical side effects and mental stress. The silver lining to the process is that after the treatment the drug addicts are in much more better state of mind, they are then in control of their addiction and not to mention, in better health too.

Drug Addiction Detox involves Three Basic Steps:

  • Evaluation of the Patient- This process involves medical tests to identify the specific drug substances present in the patient’s bloodstream. The patients are also tested for any co-occurring mental disorders, behavioral issues etc. Every medical detail is noted down and documented to be used in determining the perfect drug treatment program for the patient.
  • Stabilization- This stage is mostly about counseling and guidance to the patient about. The patients are counseled upon the harmful effects of drugs and motivated to go undergo the treatment to lead a better life ahead. During this process the patients are guided through the process of the treatment and what to expect along its path. In some cases even the nearest family members and friends are brought in to support the patient mentally.
  • Preparing the patient- Drug detox centers only deals with the physical dependency of the drugs and does not address to the psychological aspects involved with it. After the patient’s consent is taken that they are willing to go through the medical drug detox process they are also made to sign an agreement to go to rehabilitation after their detox program. The rehabilitation after drug detox program is important because as the process does not deal with the psychological aspects, the patients need to go through thorough counseling to cope up with their physical and mental stress to accomplish full recovery.

Drug DetoxSo, drug addiction detox is a comprehensive medical treatment to deal with patient’s physical dependency of drugs. During the process the patient is evaluated based on medical tests on the amount of drug substance present in the body, stabilized with guidance about what to expect from the treatment process and finally taking the patient through the actual process.

Drug Detox is to be compulsorily followed by rehab. To more about the process, you can get in touch with us at (866) 531-4569. We will give you all the information you need on drug detox centers.

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