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Substance Abuse Facts

Here are some Substance Abuse Facts that may surprise you! It keeps other people fortunate not be an addict guessing that how can people get into drug addiction when they know how harmful can drugs be! But the bitter fact is; no addict wants to get themselves in a soup as deep as this knowingly. It is oftentimes not their fault too. It all start’s with just ‘one smoke’ and ‘one drink’ and before the persons even realize they come along way drowning more and more into the addiction with each passing day.

A Few Substance Abuse Facts:

  • Drugs make no exception in choosing their victims, from budding teenagers, middle-aged adults, to elder people; drugs have the capability to hold any sane individual as its hostage for the rest of their lives.
  • Addicts between ages 14-25 show high rate of mortality. This is because these drugs totally shatter the body’s immune system, chemical balance in the brain etc. Teenagers absolutely succumb to drug’s wrath.
  • It leads to increase in corruption, criminal acts like rape, murder, robbery etc. Addicts under influence of drugs are not in a sane state of mind, they don’t think clearly and cannot differentiate between right or wrong.
  • Substance abuse induces strange behavior; while some individuals show immense violence and protest, while some enter into a state of depression and withdraw from family members pulling into their own little world.
  • Drugs induces mental disorders

Hope for Substance Abuse

A silver lining to the dark and bitter Substance Abuse Facts is that today there are various centers where addicts can seek treatment. Fighting drug addiction is a long and painful battle but made easier by Substance Abuse Treatment. First and foremost, if you are the one who is suffering from addiction or it is your family member, don’t give up home and remember no matter how worst the case of abuse is, true recovery is possible. Though sometimes it might feel like recovery is far from possible, with proper substance abuse treatment program and mental support from family and friends, full recovery is possible.

There are many drug treatment facilities all over the nation as well as world wide. If the patient themselves are not able to refrain themselves from taking drugs it is advised that either the family members or their friends take the step of admitting them in a good rehabilitation center. The bottom line is, no matter what the level of addiction is, it is important to be treated as soon as possible. If an individual feels he/she is addicted but not too much, they are wrong; if today they are addicted a little, it will be only matter of a few days before they lose control over themselves. Whether you yourself are a drug addict or you know someone who is addicted, waste no time in registering your or your peer’s name for a good drug treatment program.

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