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Methadone Detox Centers

Methadone detox centers are always under scrutiny and controversy. Considered a treatment for heroine or opiate addiction, methadone treatment involves taking regulative doses of another drug named Methadone. It is basically a replacement drug therapy where the patients are prescribed to take doses of methadone to reduce effects of opium in the body.

What do Methadone detox centers do?

Methadone is the generic name for analgesic .i.e used to reduce pain in case of surgeries or severe accidents. Its cross-tolerance property is used in drug treatments. It is believe to reduce the withdrawal symptoms of opiate thus reliving the patients from acute painful physical conditions. Withdrawal symptoms from opia,te addiction can be unbearable and sometimes patients are on verge of collapse. In such situations methadone becomes that one drug which can give relief to the patient immediately.

It is important to be noted here, that methadone itself being a drug makes its use illegal. But when it comes to save lives, methadone detox centers take up the risk and use it. The idea is to give the patients small doses of methadone which cross-functions mellowing down the acute symptoms of withdrawal.

The Protocols Methadone detox centers Follow:

As illegal usage under the law, methadone detox centers have to keep in mind to use the drug in regulated amount and also not to forget that it itself is a drug and can sometimes turn up to be more harmful than opiate itself! Therefore these are a few regulations which every methadone detox center keeps under regulation:

  • Doses of methadone can give relief to addicts for up to 6 hours but residue of methadone remains in the body for up to 60 hours. It should be taken care of that the treatment program is such designed that it uses other medications during this gap otherwise it will cause a build up in the body.
  • If there is a methadone build up, the next dose of regular methadone will not work, the body will crave for twice the amount.
  • Over dosage of methadone can lead to fatal conditions. Some of the symptoms are; trouble in breathing, dizziness, disorientation, blurred vision etc.

Methadone detox centers are without doubt a live part of our society but it also faces strict criticism. Critics say that there is no point in using a method where the addicts have to be induced with another drug to counter-attack one drug. This is the argument, but supports feel that if a drug can reduce the pain of withdrawal system why not give the already suffering patients a bit relief. In fact this relief can boost up their morale and give strength to move on with the whole process of recovery!

No matter what be your choice ultimately but you have the right to know more about Methadone detox centers. You can do so by calling us on- (866) 531-4569.

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