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Women’s Rehab

Recent studies have found that women are more likely than men to become addicted to drugs after a period of casual use. That places millions of women in the cross-hairs of potential addiction problems, and amplifies the need for drug and alcohol rehab facilities devoted solely to women.

Why the need for women’s rehab?

Women function differently than men when it comes to addiction. The reasons that cause the addiction are different, and the “hot buttons” for treatment and potential relapse differ as well.  Therefore, a woman who takes part in a co-ed rehab program stands a good chance of not getting the appropriate treatment she needs.

What are the differences?

  • Over half of the women who have an addiction also have a history of sexual or physical abuse.
  • Women experience a set of fears regarding drug addiction not shared by men, most prominently concern regarding going to jail and potentially losing custody of their children.
  • Studies have shown that women need additional support and encouragement during the rehab process than their male counterparts do. This evidence is supported by the high relapse rates for women who do not take part in gender-specific treatment programs.
  • Women have a tendency to gravitate towards different addiction than men, including high incidences of addiction to prescription painkillers, other medications and alcohol.
  • Women experience a strong genetic link when it comes to addiction. Those with mothers or fathers who had addiction issues are likely to struggle with the issue themselves.

Women’s Rehab helps

After seeing this information, it is easy to see why there is such an urgency to women’s rehab – and why women face challenges unique to them.  Women’s rehab facilities provide a caring, warm, supportive environment to undergo the rehab process.  As with any rehab program, this is often the initial opportunity to talk openly about the individual’s addiction.  Women, in particular, generally feel bound to certain societal roles (the perfect wife, good mother, etc.) and have kept their substance abuse issues in a very deep place inside.  Simply the act of talking about the problems have a cathartic effect on the individual, and when it occurs in a “comfort zone” like the one found with other women, that effect is certainly magnified.

As noted above, women are likely to move faster from casual use to addiction.  This means, that by the point in time when a woman realizes she has a problem, the addiction will be in a more advanced state.  Therefore, the professionals at a women’s rehab facility have been trained to deal with these intense addiction issue – whether they involve alcohol or hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin or prescription pain killers.

If you are a woman who needs help – or know someone who does – visit our Women’s Rehab directory and find the best facilities the state of Florida has to offer. For immediate help finding a women’s rehab facility call (866) 531-4569.

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