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Addiction Treatment Methods

Drug addiction cases in Florida are growing rapidly and daily. Florida offers many drug treatments centers, who, in turn, offer several different addiction treatment methods. Often, these treatment centers are so committed to treating addiction that they have a panel of professionals who research different drug addiction treatment methods.

There is need of proper drug addiction treatment methods in the society because without them there is a little hope for the addicts to make it in their lives. It is by help of these programs that addicts have a silver lining of hope to recover in their otherwise dark world of certain death. Drug addiction is an umbrella term, under it lies definitions of many different kinds of addiction; from the most simple to the fatal ones.

Drug addiction treatment methods are largely influenced by:

  • The type of addiction it is aimed to treat. For example, there might be addicts who are addicted to smoking as well as addicts who take heavy duty drugs like cocaine, heroine, marijuana etc. While smoking, though a very serious addiction can be treated with less intense methods, substance abuse is much more chronic and needs to be dealt with more intense methods like drug detox and rehab.
  • The method of drug addiction treatment is also largely influenced by the sensitiveness of the patients. For example, in many of the cases the addicts are victims of dual diagnosis i.e not only they have chronic addiction problem they are also mentally unstable. In such cases methods have to be different and ones used on normal patients cannot be applied. Alternative treatment has to be undertaken.
  • Duration of the treatment has immense effect too. It is often seen that patients who undergo a longer period of treatment has better chances of revival compared to patients who went through a shorter time.This is because they tend to relapse once they go out.
  • Environment where the treatment is taking place also affects the addicts. The addicts have to be put into an environment where they are comfortable for the treatment to be a success. If not comfortable it will add anxiety to the already suffering patients. So, be it home or the facility the addicts must have peace of mind.

Keeping the above mentioned considerations in mind a few very effective Drug addiction treatment methods have been brought to practice:

  • Inpatient’s Program- Where addicts are treated inside the facility giving them a chance to get away from the judging society.
  • Outpatient’s Program- For patients who do not feel comfortable staying away from their families.
  • Medical Treatment- For patients who are chronic and high amount of drug traces has been found in their bodies. Medicines are used to flush out these toxins and then start with the recovery process.
  • Faith-Based Treatment- Drug addicts are treated with spiritual activities where they are counseled by bishops, priests etc


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