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Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment Centers

Dual diagnosis residential treatment centers deal with treatment of drug abuse and mental illness simultaneously. Sometimes, the addict is not a sane person; they might have bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders etc. Such people are more prone to drug abuse. These patients need to be taken care of more specifically as due to their mental ill health they do not cope up with their withdrawal symptoms as a normal substance abuser does. They are weaker both physically and mentally.

Addicts with a condition of mental illness don’t have the strong will power needed to deal with the recovery process and mostly undergo the treatment forcefully without consent but on family’s decisions. This makes the situations a lot more complex and traditional rehabilitation centers do not have the resources needed to undertake such treatment procedures but dual diagnosis residential treatment centers do.

Characteristics of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Dual diagnosis treatments take much longer than usual drug treatment programs. While a common drug treatment can be done in matter of a few days, dual diagnosis treatment requires a longer duration; from a month to about a year. These centers have residential provisions where the patients can be admitted. Patients are taken care of by trained medical professionals during their stay and they undergo treatment, therapy and constant counseling.

Dual diagnosis residential treatment centers are rapidly increasing in number all over the world because of their realistic approach to treatment of drug abuse. Treating two disorders concurrently is the main catch of dual diagnosis treatment programs.

What to expect at a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

While undergoing dual diagnosis residential treatment, patients go through:

  • A special approach of detoxifying keeping in mind the mental health condition of the patient.
  • Family Counseling – Patients as well as their family members are given counseling sessions where especially the family members are counseled to be supportive ti=o the patients.
  • Stress Management – Patients are told of other positive ways to deal with their stress and not give in to drugs to find peace of mind.
  • Financial support – The patients are offered financial support to continue live a life of sobriety.
  • Job – Once they recover from their addiction, these dual diagnosis residential treatment centers recommend them to places where they can find a suitable job.
  • Housing Assistance – Some dual diagnosis residential treatment centers offer financial assistance in building a house for the patient to live in.

In short, dual diagnosis residential treatment centers go a step further in helping out the addicts rather than giving them only medical treatment. There are many such centers in the world today and each center has a different dual diagnosis program but one thing remains constant; recovery from addiction & improved mental health.

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