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What is Drug Detox?

Before an individual can begin drug rehab, he must first engage in drug detoxification, or simply “drug detox.” Drug detox is the process in which the harmful toxins found in controlled substances are expelled, in full, from the body. Drug detox is one of the most challenging parts of defeating addiction, but if it is handled in a safe, controlled environment that is overseen by medical professionals, the individual stands a much better chance of completing the process.

Who should consider drug detox?

Anyone who is serious about conquering their drug addiction needs to take part in drug detox. Detox is the requisite first step in a process that includes group and individual counseling and after-care. Without the removal of drug toxins from the system, the individual is either going to have their judgment impaired or be a prime candidate for relapse.

What drugs can you detox from?

Drug detox can be performed for any number of controlled substances, including:heroin, cocaine, marijuana, prescription painkillers and other medications, crystal meth, and more.

What happens during drug detox?

The most significant occurrence during the detox process is the arrival of withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable, but generally not life-threatening. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending upon the drug in question, but often include:sleeplessness, anxiety, nightmares, depression, headaches, chills, the shakes, paranoia, and irritability.

Why are withdrawal symptoms dangerous?

Withdrawal symptoms, in and of themselves are rarely dangerous. However, the period in which someone is going through withdrawal is very stressful, and that stress can often lead to relapse. In fact, it sometimes takes an individual several tries before they are able to complete the detox process.

Why do you need a medical professional to help with detox?

Medical professionals and inpatient facilities provide the individual with a helping hand to get through the detox process.They are there to keep the individual calm, answer any questions they have, treat the withdrawal symptoms, and generally create a “safe place” for the individual to get clean. Without the professional presence, many will succumb to their cravings and relapse.

How long does drug detox take?

It varies.Some drugs take longer than others to leave the bloodstream.  And some people have been taking drugs for so long that there are simply more toxins in their system.Many people can detox from a drug such as cocaine in just 2-4 days. Others, who are detoxing from heroin, might go through two week of withdrawal symptoms before the process is complete.

Can I do my detox at a residential rehab program?

Some, but not all residential rehab programs include drug detox. Check with the facility beforehand to make sure that it is equipped to handle the detoxification process. If not, consider another facility, or find a dedicated drug detox program in your area.

To locate drug detox programs in Florida, visit our Drug Detox directory and choose from one of the many qualified programs you’ll find on the site. For immediate help finding a drug detox facility please call (866) 531-4569.

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