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Gay and Lesbian Drug Treatment

Our society is not always kind to the gay and lesbian community.  Although great strides have been made in the area of gay rights (California recently overturned a ban on gay marriage), many homosexuals are still discriminated against in the workplace and harassed in public.

These types of discrimination have led to widespread drug addiction and alcohol abuse among gay men and women.  Feelings of shame and being outcast – even by close family members – lead many gay people to self-medicate with drugs in an effort to ease their psychological pain.

As a result, we find a disproportionate number of men and women addicted to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, prescription painkillers and other potentially deadly substances.

One of the challenges in getting gay men and women the help they need to combat their addiction is the additional shame associated with the problem.  Here you have a situation where society has already worked against these individuals, causing them to feel uncomfortable about who they are.  NOW, add in the stigma of substance abuse and the problem becomes compounded further.

The importance of Gay and Lesbian Drug Treatment

Treatment programs that work exclusively with homosexual men and women provide a safe haven, where the rehab process can be worked through without fear of recrimination because of one’s sexuality.  Also, the counseling portion of gay drug treatment is likely to deal with issues specific to a gay man or woman that might have led to the drug addiction.  In particular, shame and poor self-image, and common reasons for falling into a pattern of drug use.

Treating drug addiction issues in a group setting with other gay men and women helps the individual get more accomplished because they do not need to worry about the stigma of “being gay in a straight group” in addition to the low self-esteem brought on by the drug use itself.

Special attention paid to crystal meth addiction

One of the deadliest, most addictive drugs in the world, crystal meth, has become a common fixture in the “party scene” among gay men. This highly addictive drug is particularly dangerous within the gay community because of the health issues associated with prolonged use, and the loss of inhibition the drug can bring about.  This in turn leads to more unprotected sex, which can be very risky because of the prevalence of HIV and AIDS within the population of gay men.  Programs that treat homosexuals exclusively will be well-equipped to deal with crystal meth addiction issues – and can properly treat both the physical addiction to the drug and the psychological/social component as well.

To find drug treatment centers that understand the special needs of the gay and lesbian community, visit our Gay and Lesbian Treatment directory. At this incredibly helpful website you will find a listing of all the top gay and lesbian drug treatment centers in your area.  For the first time, it is easy to locate Florida drug treatment centers that specialize in unique circumstances surrounding drug use among gay men and women. For immediate help finding a facility to fit your needs call (866) 531-4569.

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