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Outpatient Drug Detox

Convenient and less intense are the two best words to describe an outpatient detox program. But not every patient can afford to spend time away from home and not to mention the expenses too, in case they opt for an inpatient drug detox program. So, under such situations an outpatient detox program becomes their best option. Such programs do not require the addicts to get admitted in the facility and can still undergo their treatment while at home. They are required to come down to the facility according to a particular schedule during which they are given medications and counseling. After which, they are free to go home.

Outpatient detox program

An Outpatient drug detox program is generally opted by drug addicts who do want to remain in the facility 24×7 and there might be many reasons due to which patients opt for this program. The usual scenarios are:

  • If the patient is the sole bread earner of the family. It is seen mainly in a nuclear family where the wife maintains the house while the husband earns livelihood. In such situation the husband cannot just leave the family on its own and opt for an inpatient treatment program. He has to be out in the office, earning money but at the same time cannot forgo treatment. What does he do? He chooses an outpatient treatment where he continues his treatment in the evenings, after returning from the office and follows up on medications at home itself. In this way, outpatient treatment programs give a chance to such individuals to balance their life.
  • Inpatient programs are expensive because they involve constant vigil, medication and counseling of the patients during their stay. Not every patient has the financial back up to afford inpatient programs so they go for lesser expensive outpatient detox programs.
  • Some drug addicts are young and very close to their family members. The mere thought of spending few days away from their family scares them so much so they sometimes they refuse to take drug treatment at all if they are kept away from their family. Sometimes the patients are too old to move away from home and family, in such cases, an outpatient detox program comes to the rescue.
  • Sometimes the families themselves take the responsibility to take care of the addicts and not put them into a facility.

Difference between Inpatient & Outpatient Detox Program

outpatientThere are a few points of differences between the two programs but other than that both the programs are focuses on one and only goal; to give the addicts the assistance they need to cope with their addiction and make them capable of leading a life of sobriety. The few differences are:

  • Affordability
  • Accommodation- Home in case of Outpatients and the facility itself for inpatients


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