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Operating an automobile after drinking alcohol or doing drugs is one of the most dangerous, reckless activities that individual can take part in. It is dangerous to the driver, the passengers and all the innocent people who have the misfortune of being on the road at the time. Each year, millions of lives are affected by impaired drivers. Families lose loved ones every day for the sole reason that someone decided to take the wheel after using drugs or alcohol.

It stands to reason then, that the penalties for drinking and driving are extensive and severe. Those who are charged with a DUI (Driving under the Influence) or a DWI (Driving while Intoxicated) can lose their driver’s license and even face serious jail time.

Here is more information about these offenses, and what you can do to help those who are found guilty of them.

What is the Difference Between a DUI and a DWI?

DWI and DUI are similar offenses – both dealing with operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In fact, in many states, they are simply two ways of referring to the same thing. However, in other states, Driving under the Influence (DUI) is a less serious offense than Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

The consequences of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated

The penalties for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol vary state by state, but here are some of the most common fines and sentences when found guilty of a DUI or DWI:

  • Mandatory education
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Revocation of driver’ license
  • Confiscation of vehicle
  • Monetary fines
  • Jail time

What a DUI or DWI Should be Telling You

If you or someone you love has received a DUI or DWI, it is a strong warning signal that they may be unable to control their alcohol consumption. Those with a drug or alcohol addiction have lost the ability to make good decisions. As a friend or family member, it is up to you to identify the problem and help the individual seek help. Remember, those who have substance abuse issues rarely admit on their own that they have a problem. That responsibility falls on those closest to them.

If you’ve been involved with a DWI or DUI, it’s time to take stock of your life and ask yourself if you need drug or alcohol treatment to help regain control of your life.

If someone you know has been charged with one of these offenses, do your homework! Look for other tell-tale signs of drug or alcohol addiction. If you believe that person has a serious problem, contact a rehab professional or intervention counselor and find out what to do next.

If you had a DUI or DWI, and it made you come to grips with the fact that you need help, contact a drug or alcohol rehab facility in your area. And to help you find Florida’s finest treatment programs, visit our DUI-DWI directory. The site features an easy to use directory of Florida facilities, helpful information on a variety of alcohol and drug rehab-related topics and more.

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