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Partial Hospitalization

In the world of drug treatment, there are two major program types: outpatient programs and residential programs.  Partial hospitalization treatment programs fall somewhere in between.  Think of them as a more intense type of outpatient program.  Individuals in the program receive their treatment during the daytime, but then return home in the evening.

Partial hospitalization is recommended for those individuals with a more serious level of drug addiction, but who want to have the benefits of outpatient-style treatment.

What can you expect with partial hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization programs require individuals to attend regular counseling and education sessions, many of which can run up 7 or 8 hours per day.  The treatment focuses on subject matter such as transition into a drug-free life, regaining responsibility, and the formation of new habits.  During partial hospitalization, the individual can expect to take part in both individual and group drug counseling.

Who can be treated with partial hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization treats those suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs such as heroin, crystal meth, cocaine, marijuana, painkillers or other prescription medications.  These treatment programs are for anyone who come to grips with the fact that they have a problem, which if not corrected, will have permanent, negative effects on their life.  Partial hospitalization programs are not generally divided into men’s or women’s programs, however there are specialized facilities that deal exclusively with adolescent drug programs, or dual diagnosis patients (those who have co-occurring mental illness and addiction).

The goal of partial hospitalization

Helping the individual engage in a serious drug rehab program, while still staying close to home and family, is the goal of every partial hospitalization program. Partial hospitalization is suited to handle more serious levels of drug addiction, as the counseling programs take more of the day and meet more often.

The cost of the treatment

Less expensive than most residential treatment programs, partial hospitalization is affordable to many and may even be covered by a health insurance plan. Individuals are urged to check with their insurance carrier before selecting a program.

The challenges of partial hospitalization

Partial hospitalization shares many of the same features as outpatient drug rehab, both positive and negative.  Both methods of drug rehab leave the individual in their current environment – which may include drug-taking friends, dealers or other potential pitfalls on the road to recovery.  One of the prime advantages of residential drug treatment is that it takes the individual out of this environment, and into a more remote location where it is easier to focus on the primary goal of beating the addiction.  Still, if the individual prefers to sleep at home, can handle the distractions, or is simply unable to afford residential care, partial hospitalization is a solid option.

To find a top-notch partial hospitalization program in the Florida area, check out our Partial Hospitalization directory.  For immediate help finding a partial hospitalization facitlity call (866) 531-4569.

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