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Opiate Detox

The major source of opium is painkillers. Usually prescribed by doctors after surgeries, serious injuries etc. to reduce pain, opiates are some of the easiest drugs to get addicted to because they come in form of medicines. Giving it is so easy to get addicted to it is quite the opposite when it comes to opiate drug detox. Opiate detox centers all over the world claim that opium is hard to detox because it induces high tolerance very quickly.

How Does One Get Addicted to Opium?

As stated above, opium is one of the easiest types of drugs get addicted to. It starts with doctors prescribing medicines like Dilaudid, Vicodin, and Oxycontin which contain high levels of opium mainly after individuals have gone under major surgeries.  The problem arises when individuals start self-medicating with painkillers to do away with pain. This is nothing but craving induced by opium. It affects the mind in such a way that it craves for drugs more and more with each passing day.

How Risky is Opiate Addiction?

When dealing with opium detox, opiate detox centers have to act with lot of responsibility because they have the addict’s life at stake. Opium addiction is so risky that one might stop breathing in their sleep and pass away. This is not all; even its withdrawal symptoms are fatal and can lead to death so much so that opiate detox centers advise addicts not to stop taking their daily dosage of opium without observation.

How Opiate Detox Centers Treat This Addiction?

Doctors all over the work agree that opiate addiction is one of the hardest to treat and its withdrawal can be very painful sometimes even causing individuals to succumb. What opiate does is it creates an impression on minds of its addicts that by taking it they can get relief immediately. Most of the opiate detox centers are  for a method known as rapid opiate detox in which patients are put under anesthesia, injected with prescribed drugs which flush out the toxic opiate receptors from the body. This technically wipes out the ‘memories’ of opiate in the brain and the body does not crave any more. This is one of the most effective ways to treat drug addiction and helps the patient skip the quite fatal long withdrawal process.

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